Paul Belew


Conservative & Realistic Politician

Paul Belew has a realistic approach to Making Texas More Texan again! “I want Texas to be a desired destination state. We are losing the battle to Oklahoma and New Mexico on several issues. WE should strive to be an industry leader in energy, health care, farming, border security, and education. Texas has much to offer geologically speaking. There is no reason why our State is not number 1 at almost everything.”

Criminal Defense Attorney

Paul’s 25+ years of experience as a criminal defense attorney have given him true and unbiased knowledge into the inner workings of our government. “In my career, I have dealt with every level of government. I have tried about 100-150 cases all over the United States. It is no secret our criminal justice system needs to be reformed. We have laws that need to be more firm and a few that might deserve re-thinking entirely. 

Mr. Belew has achieved many awards throughout his career. He is licensed to practice law in 7 states, including Texas and has negotiated with 3 foreign country governments. He is also qualified to practice Federal Criminal Defense.

Wants "Texas More, Texan Again"

Texas has every opportunity to be the greatest State in the Nation! “Logistically, we can lower property taxes, improve the energy sector, reform health care & education! The legalization and taxation of thc and gaming, would give this State hundreds of millions of tax generating revenue each year.”  Look at alcohol for an example. It is a drug and we all that maybe drink once in a while pay our taxes on it. The Feds have way too much control on our state taxation as well. That needs to stop. What we pay for and what we are getting in return for sending our taxation dollars to the Feds is highly advantageous to one side and it is not us folks. What we do with that money should set an example to the other states and U.S. territories. It can be done. It will take time. What has been done through the good ole boy system for years will take time to fix but hopefully I will be blessed with that time and task!

"Texans should not need to leave Texas"

Paul Belew’s realistic approach to improving the State as a whole would keep Texans in our great state. “We should not need to drive out of state to visit a casino or attend an exciting horse race.”  Tax revenue is going everywhere else BUT Texas. If you want property taxes cut, one must cut spending or find another revenue generating source.

Millions of Texans’ hard earned money is spent in Oklahoma, Louisiana and New Mexico on a regular basis.